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CUCM Backup: SFTP Server Configuration for CUCM Using Titan FTP Server

JUN 14, 2018

Titan FTP Staff

Cisco Systems, Inc. has recommended Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition as an approved backup server for Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco UCM has the ability to back up sound files to a server using SFTP. Backing up to Titan FTP Server could not be easier or more effective, and can be done by completing two simple tasks:

  1. Setting up an SFTP server
  2. Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager for backup

The steps above are simple and well-documented. SRT offers a Quick Start Guide to assist customers with this process.

A full-function, 20-day trial of Titan FTP Server enables Cisco UCM customers to configure and test this configuration in their own environments before making a purchase. Once a trial has been configured, all settings are retained for the licensed version. The administrator simply enters the registration code into the trial server to enable the fully licensed version to run. The purchase includes 12 months of maintenance.

Access more information on Titan FTP Server or download the trial below to begin your evaluation.

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