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4 Popular FTP Servers Reviewed

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Backup, archiving, and simple file transfer requirements are common reasons for using an FTP Server. This often-maligned technology continues to be frequently used in business – with the more secure SFTP capability a common implementation for companies with security concerns.

This list reviews some of the perennial favorites, looking at the balance of cost, security, and ease of use for each server.   

Titan FTP Server

Titan FTP Server is an FTP Server for Windows that is easy to install, use, and customize. It has a reputation of being one of the most stable and secure servers available, with support for secure protocols like SFTP and FTP/S.  Titan is frequently used for secure backups and is recommended by Cisco to backup their Unified Communications Suite. A quick scan of user reviews gives good marks to Titan’s technical support team.

Titan FTP is a great “workhorse” of a server overall, but the multi-platform web interface, which you can use in lieu of installing client software, is optional, so you’ll have an additional cost if you want the convenience of file transfer through your browser. You can download a free trial at

Cost: $1249.95


Interested in seeing how Titan FTP Server can enhance your work environment?

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