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10 Best SFTP Servers for Windows?

APR 8, 2019

Titan FTP Staff

It may seem like finding a reliable article to list the top SFTP Servers would be easy, right?  Just search for Best SFTP Server or SFTP Server Reviews and you’ll find your first page of search results full of articles listing the 10, 15, or 18 best SFTP Servers.

If you look closely, and review each article, you’ll notice that the number one choice is the same on every single site, and that it boldly offers a free trial link and editor’s choice notation. If you try to leave the site, a pop-up from that same company whose software was listed number one will offer a free trial of another one of their products. Look closer still, and you’ll notice that the number one recommended product in each and every product category is also from – you guessed it – that very same company.

We suspect that these “authors” may not be creating truly unbiased content. So, how can you find reviews that you can trust?

We’ve compiled all the SFTP Server Software reviews, from verified reviewers, for Titan FTP Server. We submit Titan FTP Server to review sites that require user validation to get reviews published. This gives a view of the real-world experiences that our customers have had with Titan. An unvarnished view of the pros and cons, the implementation process, and the level of technical support that they have received.  We’ve summarized these reviews below and provided links to the actual review site content.


“We’ve used the Titan FTP server for six years and have been very happy. We also use the Web client. The server is exceptionally reliable and stable.”

~User kelley1958

“Have been using it for about 5 years for backups of our Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity systems. Works great and easy to configure.”

~User davidcoelho2



Pros: I like how easy it is to setup new user accounts and the manageability is great. I have never had any issues.

Cons: It could be more updated and modern looking. It shows signs of age. Issues with users’ passwords not working after certain age.

~Zach M., Systems Administrator



“I have chosen this software for its advanced administration tools: Access to different events for which we can configure mail alerts, custom logs, scripts, etc. Ability to administer the server through online orders that allow me to create the FTP users from my business application.

Another major advantage is the Titan FTP Server’s Web interface which can transfer files without the inconvenience of installing client software. No downloads or plug-ins are required. Also the editor is very open, with some advanced events. In brief a great product.”

~User Laurent.Legoupil288


If you are a Titan customer, please consider leaving a candid review on one of these sites, as well as AlternativeTo or What do you love about Titan? What do you hate? People want to hear your honest opinion and actual experiences – and we do, too!

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