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Titan FTP Server Named “Best FTP Server Software for Secure File Transfer” by ServerWatch

JAN 14, 2022

Titan FTP Staff

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Titan FTP Server was named one of the “Best FTP Servers for Secure File Transfer” by ServerWatch. Titan’s

robust security features and top-tier, responsive technical support make Titan SFTP Server the most comprehensive FTP Server available.

“Founded in 2001, South River Technologies (SRT) is a dedicated secure file transfer vendor with options for FTP and MFT customers. The Titan FTP Server comes as an Azure or AWS-based application or an on-premises license and offers FTP, FTPS, and SFTP capabilities.”

Key Features

  • Web client or CLI interface compatible with Windows systems
  • Plans start with FTP or FTPS and up to 200 user accounts and active connectionsScreen shot of Web Interface for Titan FTP Server
  • Automated tasks with triggers for batch files, executables, and scripts
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and all modern browsers
  • Options for CUCM backup solution and ongoing maintenance and support

Titan FTP Server offers a WebUI that makes it easy to upload or download files. You don’t need to procure any additional software or plugins for downloading/uploading.

Titan FTP Server is one of the few SFTP Server solutions recommended by Cisco Systems to back up their entire Unified Communications (UC) Suite. Titan makes CUCM backup a process that administrators rarely have to think about.

“With SRT’s FTP client, WebDrive, users can map a network drive and quickly access servers using SFTP and WebDAV protocols. Users can try Titan FTP during a 20-day trial.”

Try Titan SFTP Server now to see how it works in your environment.



Try Titan FTP Server Now!

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