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Advanced Security Features

Precise Directory Access Permissions at User, Group, or Server Level

Titan FTP Server secures your file transfers, offers granular directory access restrictions, events to thwart hacking attempts, and password complexity rules.

Directory Access Restrictions

  • Write/upload
  • Read/download
  • Append/replace
  • Delete or rename
  • Create/delete subdirectories
  • View directory listing

Account Security

  • Prevent access to hidden system files
  • Relative incoming and outgoing paths to prevent users from gaining knowledge of file structure
  • Kick or ban users after a configurable number of bad commands
  • If a user is locked to their home directory, Titan will treat it as the root
  • Disable user accounts using Account Expiration (in days or specific date)

Password Security

  • Disable user accounts after a configurable number of bad password attempts
  • Disable user accounts using Password Expiration (in days or specific date)
  • Account lockout after x failed attempts for y minutes
  • Industry-standard password encryption

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