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Support for Active Directory, LDAP, Native, and
Hybrid Authentication

Titan FTP Server integrates with the directory services that you are already using – either Active Directory or LDAP. Titan also supports native authentication if your organization is not using other directory services for authentication. Titan verifies permissions and access rights directly with your AD or LDAP server, rather than importing copies. This assures that Titan uses the most up to date ACLs and that admins don’t have to add or change users in multiple locations. For Titan Enterprise+, this facilitates unrivaled scalability.

Hybrid Authentication* enables you to set up unique authentication methods for different user groups. For example, internal users may authenticate using Active Directory, while customers or partners can connect using Titan’s native authentication capability.

Titan also supports SFTP password and/or public key authentication and Secure FTPS & HTTPS authentication using trusted TLS certificates.

*Available in Titan Enterprise+ Only

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