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Advanced Admin Tools

Automation and Reporting


Event Handling System Automation (Enterprise and Enterprise+ Only)

Configurable for over 100 unique events (e.g., logins and uploads) trigger emails, file/script, custom logs, etc.

Multiple Log Formats & Message Levels

  • Verbose logging can be enabled to provide detailed logging information
  • Writes logfiles in W3C or plain text
  • Customizable log fields, so you can gather only the information you want
  • SYSLOG integration

Component Object Model (COM) and Command Line Interfaces Automation

Provides a COM API to programmatically control your server from any COM-enabled programming language: Visual Basic (VB), Visual Basic Script (VBS), C++, C#, Java, etc.

Database (ODBC) Logging Support

Customizable to track specific statistics and write to any ODBC data source

Command Line Interface Automation

Supports a command-line interface useful for batch file processing that allows administrators to add users, modify permissions, add groups and other administrative tasks

Activity Monitor

Real-time monitoring of any server activity, including individual users

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