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How to Backup CUCM Using SFTP

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a central piece of IT infrastructure in many organizations, so reliable backups are critical. Cisco recommends Titan FTP Server, which has been tested and certified by Cisco for this purpose. So, how do you backup your CUCM Server to Titan using SFTP? Just follow these simple steps: How to Create […]

Cisco Call Manager (CUCM): SFTP Server Backup with Azure Reservation Instance

Signing up for term life insurance reveals the two sides many of us have: the realist and the pragmatist. The pragmatist struggles with paying a premium for a benefit that will likely not be needed before the term expires. However, the realist knows that this is a must have benefit. Should the worst happen, that […]

FTP Server Definition – What is an FTP Server?

An FTP Server, in the simplest of definitions, is a software application that enables the transfer of files from one computer to another. FTP (which stands for “File Transfer Protocol”) is a way to transfer files to any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet. But what does all of this really […]

Titan FTP Listed as One of “8 Best FTP Server Software for Windows for Secure Transfer”

From an article by GeekFlare.com Titan SFTP Server, the most secure SFTP Server available, was recently recognized by GeekFlare.com as one of the “8 Best FTP Server Software Options for Windows for Secure File Transfer.” Titan SFTP Server NextGen now includes clustering for high availability and failover and hybrid authentication. GeekFlare says: “Titan FTP Server offers […]

South River Technologies’ Titan FTP Server NextGen is the First SFTP/FTP Server with Native Support for Clustering for High Availability and Failover

ANNAPOLIS, MD–(June 9, 2022) – South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT) today announced the release of Titan FTP Server NextGen. This fully re-architected release is the only SFTP Server available that natively supports clustering of multiple servers for high availability and failover. Clustering with Titan FTP NextGen ensures that productivity is never disrupted. Active/Active or Active/Passive […]

Titan SFTP Server Featured by Microsoft in Azure Blog

Based on an article by Microsoft Titan SFTP Server, the most secure SFTP Server available, was recently featured in Microsoft’s blog which details the newest additions to the Azure Marketplace. Titan SFTP Server in Azure offers secure SFTP that can be set up in minutes, combined with the flexibility and simplicity of the Azure Cloud. […]

Titan FTP Server Named “Best FTP Server Software for Secure File Transfer” by ServerWatch

Based on an article by Serverwatch.com Titan FTP Server was named one of the “Best FTP Servers for Secure File Transfer” by ServerWatch. Titan’s robust security features and top-tier, responsive technical support make Titan SFTP Server the most comprehensive FTP Server available. “Founded in 2001, South River Technologies (SRT) is a dedicated secure file transfer […]

How To Use Online Reviews to Help Make Savvy Software Purchasing Decisions

Avoid Common Review Scams   When you are looking to purchase new FTP Server Software for your company, reading unbiased, real reviews from people who have actually used the product is one of the most important aspects of your preliminary research. This sounds simple — type in Best SFTP Server or SFTP Server Reviews and […]

Titan FTP Server Review (2021): The Best Secure FTP Server

Based on an article by ucompares.com Titan FTP Server Review 2021: Are you looking for the most secure FTP server available? If so, then we have found a great solution. FTP servers are used in many industries for the purpose of transferring files over the internet. But due to the latest technological advancements, it has […]

Two Titan FTP Server Options: On-Prem or Cloud SFTP Server

Your business requires a robust SFTP Server like Titan SFTP Server, but what type of implementation is best suited to your company’s needs? Some value the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based solution, while others prefer to store their confidential data in-house. Titan SFTP offers two server options: Titan SFTP Server in Azure or Titan […]

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