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Titan FTP Server in the Cloud

Available in the Azure Marketplace and on Amazon Web Services

Titan FTP Server is a powerful file transfer solution that offers the unique scalability of the cloud. With no hardware to buy and simple software implementation, Titan enables you to have your SFTP or FTP server running in minutes. Titan FTP Server in Azure comes completely pre-configured for SFTP, FTP/S and Secure Web Transfers.

Enterprise Class Security

Titan uses the latest encryption standards to assure your transfers are secure. Automation rules are available to thwart hacking attempts, and granular permission settings assure only authorized users can access files. Security features include:

  • Both password and SSH Host Key support for authentication
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Granular user permissions to files and folders
  • Protection against DoS attacks and Password Guessing
  • IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • Ability to ban or kick users

Powerful Automation

Tired of babysitting unwieldy scripts and outdated batch files? Titan Enterprise offers event-based automation to enable you to easily modernize your file transfer flows. File exchange over SFTP is critical to business processes across many industries like banking and financial services, healthcare, telecom, and retail. Manage these processes with notifications, conditional transfers and directory monitoring.

Simple File Access

Supporting dozens of different FTP clients is a drain on your support team resources. Titan Enterprise has a simple browser interface that is preconfigured and ready to go. Simple for your end users. Simple for your support team. HTTP/S connections for the browser interface give you the confidence that your file transfers are secure. Titan Enterprise Edition is a great choice for giving your users anytime, anywhere secure access to their files.

Cost Benefits of Titan in the Cloud

  • Cloud implementation offers the same functionality as on-site
  • Reduce time and effort spent in procurement – makes budgeting easier to predict and manage
  • Avoid the upfront investment in enterprise software
  • Eliminate hardware expenses and the associated facility costs
  • Costs are based on monthly usage, so you only pay for what you use
  • Add servers when needed and take offline when not in use



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