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Powerful File Transfer Management

Zlib Compression for Faster Transfers and Directory Listings

For FTP/FTPS, Zlib compression is implemented through the “MODE Z” command. Zlib compression in SFTP is based on the SSH engine.

File Integrity Checking with FTP XCRC Command

Upload and Download Resuming

Ban File Types Using Wildcard Filters

Firewall/Router Support

  • Configurable to operate smoothly with firewalls and routers
  • Port range for PASV connections

File and Directory Case Setup

  • Configurable to preserve the case of files and directories
  • Configurable to convert all to upper or lower case


Runs as a Windows Service

Virtual Servers

Customize the Store Unique (STOU) File Format

Delete Partially Uploaded Files

Block Anti-Timeout Schemes

Optional SFTP Client Drive Mapping


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