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Titan FTP Server Release Notes

  • Fixed: SFTP issue which could leave a file handle open during an upload if the disk quota was exceeded.
  • Fixed: 'Require FTP/S' issue which would kick the user even if 'Require FTP/S' was not enabled for the user.
  • Fixed: 'Require FTP/S' issue which did not kick the user until after receipt of the Password. If Require FTP/S is enabled, it is now checked when the USER command is issued.
  • Fixed: The srxTitan service could consume high CPU usage after upgrading from an older release.
  • Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which would cause excessive memory usage due to failed or banned connection attempts.
  • Fixed: when upgrading from 2018 to 2019 the Local Admin console may not login after the first reboot and a second reboot would be required.
  • Changed: The Email Server feature will now auto-accept remote TLS certificates from non-trusted sources.