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10 Best SFTP Servers for Windows?

It may seem like finding a reliable article to list the top SFTP Servers would be easy, right?  Just search for Best SFTP Server or SFTP Server Reviews and you’ll find your first page of search results full of articles listing the 10, 15, or 18 best SFTP Servers. If you look closely, and review…

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4 Popular FTP Servers Reviewed

Based on an article by Backup, archiving, and simple file transfer requirements are common reasons for using an FTP Server. This often-maligned technology continues to be frequently used in business – with the more secure SFTP capability a common implementation for companies with security concerns. This list reviews some of the perennial favorites, looking…

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5 FTP Server Security Fails: FTP Issues and How to Avoid Them

This article was published by Computing Security Magazine. When Patrick Clark, a network analyst from Greenville, NC, asked fellow analysts and engineers for their thoughts on how FTP servers could be more secure, the prevalent response was: “Don’t use them.” Here follows his own take on this. The pervasiveness of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) means…

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