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Titan FTP Server Enterprise+

Titan FTP Server Enterprise+ is a great option for mid-size and larger businesses (200 or more users) or for those who require strong security and automation capabilities. Titan SFTP Server Enterprise+ is the only SFTP server that offers clustering for high availability and failover. It also offers Hybrid Authentication for more secure and scalable deployments. Titan Enterprise+ includes 1 year of maintenance and support. 

Titan FTP Enterprise+ is recommended for:

  • Mid-size and larger businesses (offers unlimited user accounts and simultaneous connections)
  • Those who require strong security (SFTP and granular security controls such as customizable server access restrictions)
  • Users who wish to customize settings (server configurations can be fine-tuned at the individual, group, and user level to handle special cases)
  • Companies that have automation requirements (can configure up to 100 unique events)
  • Those who want the ability to access files from anywhere (via an Internet browser) without the need to install client software
  • Companies that run 24/7 operations and require clustering for high availability and failover

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