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Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition with WebUI

Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition with WebUI is a great option for mid-size and larger businesses (200 or more users) or for those who require strong security and automation capabilities. The WebUI allows for easy access to files and seamless uploads and downloads from anywhere with an Internet connection. Titan Enterprise with WebUI includes 1 year of maintenance and support. 

Titan FTP Enterprise with WebUI is recommended for:

Mid-size and larger businesses (offers unlimited user accounts and simultaneous connections)
Those who require strong security (SFTP and granular security controls such as customizable server access restrictions)
Users who wish to customize settings (server configurations can be fine-tuned at the individual, group, and user level to handle special cases)
Companies that have automation requirements (can configure up to 100 unique events)
Those who want the ability to access files from anywhere (via an Internet browser) without the need to install client software

*Trial version contains all features of Titan Enterprise with WebUI.

Need an SFTP Client? WebDrive lets you access Titan through a mapped drive letter.

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