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Virtual Folders

Access Network Directories Through Titan FTP Server

Virtual Folders can be mapped into a server’s data directory and used to link external folders into a user or group’s directory space. One of the benefits of Virtual Folders is the ability to access network shares.

Titan FTP Server supports the ability to add a UNC path into the namespace. All server users or select groups and users can access LAN folders through Titan. This is useful for working from home when used in conjunction with the Web User Interface.

  • A share on your LAN or local network called \\MyServer\Engineering\ can use Virtual Folder support to map into Titan SFTP Server as /public/Engineering/
  • Virtual Folders can be added at the Server, Group, or User level
  • Virtual Folders added at the User Level are accessible only by those specific users
  • Group-level Virtual Folders allow data to be shared with all users of a given group
  • Administrators can edit Virtual Folder permissions at any time

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