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Titan FTP Support QuickStarts

Some of the most common questions and topics are covered in the following QuickStart guides.

For more detailed help, including the online administration guide and a Knowledgebase of questions and answers, see our Helpdesk.

Customer Support

Our office hours are 8am-6pm EST, Monday-Friday.

Additional content is available on our Videos page.

For Purchase and Returns policies, see our Legal page.


Technical Support

Ticket Support

For technical support, go to the Helpdesk and log in with credentials from your registration code email to submit a ticket.

Need maintenance and support?

Get updated versions as they are released, as well as personalized ticket support.

Need an SFTP Client?

WebDrive maps a network drive to Titan Servers over SFTP.

Release Notes

  • Fixed: The WebUI failed to display dates in some formats.
  • Fixed: The Move event handler was not honoring the destination filename if the destination filename was different from the source file name.
  • Fixed: Blowfish-CTR is now supported as an SSH cipher.
  • Fixed: When creating a group using the srxCFG utility and a command file, Group attributes are now being properly set once the group is created.
  • Fixed: SFTP Ciphers, MACs, and Key Exchange item order is now preserved properly.
  • Fixed: The Admin App now displays properly on high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed: The Server Migration wizard was failing to migrate user accounts from registry based systems to database driven systems.